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The Nellumbo Cleansing Lotion is at the heart of our collection, a masterpiece formulated with rich shea butter, nurturing coconut oil, and restorative neem oil. This balm isn’t just a treatment; it’s a profoundly moisturising embrace, promoting skin reconstruction with every application. Combat dry noses cracked paws, and rough patches with our soothing Healing Balm, infused with the goodness of mango and shea butter. This concoction doesn't just moisturise; it heals, transforming distressed skin into zones of comfort and contentment.

For those battles against relentless itching, our Natural Oatmeal Paste stands ready. Crafted with natural oatmeal and essential oils, this premium paste balances your dog's pH levels, significantly reducing inflammation and the urge to scratch, thus allowing for peaceful slumbers and happier days.

Another highlight of this collection is Essential Dog's super popular Organic Anti-itch Spray. This spray boasts the therapeutic powers of calendula and aloe vera and offers instant relief. Its easy spray application and steroid-free formula ensure your dog gets the best of nature’s soothing qualities without any harm.

Each product in our collection speaks volumes of our commitment to animal well-being, focusing on holistic health remedies free from harsh chemicals. Suitable for dogs of all breeds, ages, and skin types, these organic treatments nurture skin health, ensuring your pet’s comfort and joy. Step into a world where nature heals with our specially curated balms and creams, and watch your beloved pet thrive, free from discomfort and full of life.