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Dog Walking Essentials: Must-Have Accessories For Your Dog Walks

Jun 30, 2023

As loving pet parents, we want the best for our furry friends, especially during their daily walks. But do you have all the essential accessories to make your dog's walk safe, enjoyable, and comfortable? This blog post will introduce you to some must-have dog-walking gear that enhances dog walkers' experience.
Let's dive in!

Before Walking

Foldable Dog Bowl. Made with recyclable canvas:

Foldable Dog Bowl. Made with recyclable canvas

Before heading out for a walk, it's essential to ensure your dog stays hydrated, especially during hot summer days. Our top pick for a portable water bowl is the Portable Canvas Foldable Bowl. Made from durable and eco-friendly materials, this compact bowl easily folds up and can be stored in your pocket or attached to a leash. It provides a quick water break during your walks, keeping your furry friend refreshed and hydrated.

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Dog Poop Bag Holder, Made With Eco-friendly Canvas

Dog Poop Bag Holder, Made With Eco-friendly Canvas by Ecolif3

Responsible pet ownership includes picking up after your dog. We recommend investing in a dog poop bags Holder made with eco-friendly canvas. It also comes with a composable waste bag. This handy accessory can attach to your leash or carry it, ensuring you always have waste bags readily available. Plus, it's made from sustainable materials, making it an environmentally conscious choice. You're protecting the planet while keeping your neighbourhood clean. It's a win-win!

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After Walking

Dog Walking Kit by Norfolk Natural Living

Dog Walking Essentials Kit by Norfolk Natural Living

After a walk, giving your dog a little TLC is important. That's where the Dog Walking Essentials Kit by Norfolk Natural Living comes in. Perfect for pampering your pooch. This kit contains natural and organic products to ensure your dog stays clean and fresh. It includes a gentle shampoo to wash away dirt and allergens, a conditioning spray to keep their coat shiny and tangle-free, and a soothing balm to moisturise and treat their paws for any cracks from loose gravel or sharp sticks. This kit is a must-have for every pet parent who wants to provide the best care for their furry companion.

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Dog Paw Cleaner, Rinse Free by Essential Dog

Dog Paw Cleaner, Rinse Free by Essential Dog

Sometimes, your furry friend might get dirtier than usual during a walk, wet and giving them a full bath might not be practical. Enter the Rinse-Free Dog Paw & Body Cleaner, specifically formulated to keep your dog clean and fresh without needing water. Made with lavender and lemongrass, this natural cleanser is gentle on your dog's skin and leaves behind a pleasant scent. It's the perfect solution for dog walkers who need a quick touch-up after muddy adventures.

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providing your dog with the best walking experience goes beyond just the walk itself. Investing in these essential accessories and treats can enhance your dog's comfort, safety, and overall well-being during their walks. So, go ahead and equip yourself with these must-have items, and let's make every walk memorable for you and your furry best friend!


Why do I need a portable water bowl?

Dogs need plenty of water, especially during walks. A portable water bowl makes it easier to provide your furry friend with a refreshing drink, ensuring they stay hydrated and healthy.

Why should I use a poop bag holder?

As responsible pet owners and dog walkers :) We need to pick up after our dogs. Using a poop bag holder, you always have bags within easy reach, making it easier for everyone to keep the environment clean and the house tidy. Ideally, you should use composable bags.

Can dogs get sunburned?

Yes, dogs are susceptible to sunburn, just like humans. Their delicate skin can be damaged by harmful UV rays, which can cause pain and discomfort. Using sunscreen formulated specifically for dogs is an easy way to protect them from harmful UV rays.

Why should I invest in a dog walking accessories kit?

This kit contains all the natural and organic products a dog walker needs to care for her dog's coat, paws, and skin. Using these products ensures your furry friend stays healthy and clean, even after a long day of exploring.

What is rinse-free dog paw and body cleaner, and how does it work?

Rinse-free dog paw and body cleaner is a gentle cleanser used to clean your dog's paws, coat, and skin without needing water. It's perfect for quick clean-ups after muddy adventures and makes your dog feel fresh and great. Apply the cleaner, massage it into the fur or paw, and use a soft towel to remove excess dirt or grime.

Can dogs use human sunscreen?

Human sunscreen is formulated with ingredients that can be harmful and toxic to dogs if ingested or absorbed through their skin. Some of these ingredients, such as zinc oxide and oxybenzone, can cause digestive issues, allergic reactions, or even toxicity in dogs.

Additionally, dogs have different skin types compared to humans. Their skin is more sensitive and can be easily irritated by the chemicals found in human sunscreen. Using sunscreen specifically designed for dogs is the safest choice since it is formulated with their skin and unique needs in mind.

To protect your furry friend from harmful UV rays, it's crucial to use a dog-specific sunscreen like the Dog Sunscreen by Paws Right There that we mentioned earlier. These sunscreens are carefully formulated with pet-friendly ingredients, providing them with the necessary protection without unnecessary chemicals.

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